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We provide a broad range of best quality health and nutrition products to our consumers at affordable prices

Tapas Makhana Snacks - Health Benefits

We want to make healthy and nutritious products available to the masses at affordable prices.

Raksha Shenoy, Founder, Tapas Foods

What We Do

Our mission at Tapas Nutrition is to provide a broad range of best quality health and nutrition products to our consumers at affordable prices.

Nummy is our flagship brand of Makhana snacks.

Our team is knowledgeable and passionate. We are committed to providing top-quality health products.

About Tapas Foods

Tapas Foods is a rural Indian start-up founded in 2020. Good health and continuous nutrition are what keeps all of us going. We at Tapas Foods want to transform snacking products into natural, tasty, and healthy foods for all.

Healthy snacks can be had anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. A healthy happy world is all that we wish for and seek!

Join us in this endeavor and enjoy our range of guilt-free snacks.

Our Products

Tapas Plain Makhana

Makhana, popularly known as lotus seed comes from the water lily plant. Plain makhana can be roasted and added to recipes or had as a snack with seasoning of your favorite spices.

Tapas Roasted Makhana

The superfood makhana is roasted perfectly using the slow roasting process. Roasted makhana can be directly added to the recipe or had as a snack by adding a pinch of salt and your favorite masalas.

Nummy Makhana

Nummy is a brand of Tapas Nutrition which brings the healthy makhanas or water lily pops in your favourite flavours. Visit to know more.

Makhana Powder

The nutrients of makhana or lotus seeds can be easily consumed by using the makhana powder in your daily diet. Add a few spoons of makhana powder with your chapati atta for healthy rotis or mix it when you make kheer or other desserts. You can also have it with milk for a healthy body.   

Makhana Health Drink Mix

A blend of grains like ragi, wheat, barley, horsegram along with makhana can provide required nutrients to your body. All these ingredients are combined in the Makhana Health Drink Mix. Add few spoons to a glass of warm milk or water and enjoy a yummy drink which is full of nutrients. A super healthy drink for all age groups!

Nummy Makhana Snacks

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